Ethics and etiquette

Ethics and etiquetteEthics is a moral, while etiquette is good manners. In Indonesia known as the ethics and etiquette. Between ethics with etiquette is the equation that is:
(a) ethics and etiquette concerning human behavior. The term is used on humans are not about animals because animals do not know the ethics and etiquette.

(b) Both of them regulate human behavior in a normative means giving norms for human behavior and thus the state what to do and what not to do. Precisely because of its normative and the two terms are often confused.

The difference between ethics with etiquette is:(a) the etiquette regarding how to make human actions. Etiquette show how
appropriate means and ways that are expected to be determined in a certain circle. For example in the food, is the parent label takes precedence over rice, if you have not finished washing hands first. In Indonesia have handed something with his right hand. Violated if a breach of etiquette.

Ethics is not limited to how to perform an act, the ethical norms of actions gives itself. Ethics concerns the question of whether an act may be done or not done.

(b) Etiquette applies only to intercourse. If no one else or no eye witnesses, then the label does not apply. For example etiquette on how to eat. Eat, placing feet on the table etiquette Jointly conducted dila violate others. If done yourself then it does not violate etiquette. Ethics is always valid even though no one else. Borrowed items must be returned even if the owners have forgotten.

(c) Etiquette is relative. Which is considered rude in one culture, may be considered rude in other cultures. For example eating with hands, speak after eating. Ethics is much more absolute. Commands like "do not lie", "do not steal" is an ethical principle that can not be bargained.

(d) Etiquette looked only human in terms of ethics while born just saw man in terms of. Fraudster such as soft-spoken, but Deceptive holding etiquette. People can hold the label but instead a Hypocrite who hold the impossible ethical Hypocrite because he's a Hypocrite if he did not act ethically. People who behave ethically people who are really good


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