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Production process by operating various equipment in general is not entirely free from risk of harm. This should make attention from management and technical units and specifically responsible for work safety. Thus the work safety will always be considered part of the decision-making and policy setting so that efforts to prevent accidents and illness due to work has begun planning history. In every company is required to stand Development Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (P2K3), based on law number 1 of 1970. With this approach, the company's management is expected to take a real stance which includes:
a. identify each process and control equipment losses as a source of hazard risk,
b. estimating the control program plan accidents and illness due to work,
c. planning program control accidents and illness due to work,
d. develop the necessary communications systems, and
e. providing facilities and equipment and trained personnel and professional.
Workplace safety management must be able to find and Reveal the operational weaknesses that allow for work due to illness and accidents. Managerial discretion described in the operational implementation of the level of the management aspect is very essential for the sustainability of production processes and safety is directed at the participation of all parties in the management and organizational systems, will be able to create a comfortable working atmosphere as strong foundation for business continuity and security of investment in development.
and safety must be viewed as a technical effort an enormous managerial functions and role in:
1. Securing the investment.
2. Maintaining continuity and business continuity.
3. economic development potential.
4. Enhance the benefits of the production devices.
5. Maintain and enhance the work productivity of labor.
Improved quality of human resources via three-way in improving the quality of knowledge and skills, namely:
1. point of formal education,
2. training track, and
3. lines of work experience.
Improving the quality of human resources is very important not only to improve your operational work Technically, but also the ability to work safely and the ability to create conditions and safe working environment and healthy.


THINGS THAT CAN CAUSE AN ACCIDENTThere are three basic causes of accidents, namely:
1. Occurred by chance.
Regarded as an accident within the meaning of the original (genuine accident) nature unpredictable and outside the control of the company management. For example, an employee right in front of the window glass when suddenly someone threw a glass window so that about it.
2. Working conditions are not safe.
Working conditions are not safe is one of the main causes of the accident. These conditions include factors as follows:
a. Equipment that are not properly protected.
b. Defective equipment.
c. A dangerous procedure in, on, or around machines or equipment that is not secure warehouse (stuffy and too full).
d. Inadequate light, dim, and the lack of lighting.
e. Ventilation is not perfect, change is not enough water, or the source of impure water.
Recovery of these factors is to minimize unsafe conditions, for example by making a list of physical and mechanical conditions that can cause accidents. Check list creation will assist in finding problems that cause accidents. While accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, but there are certain places that have high accident rates. Approximately one third of industrial and laboratory accident occurred at around forklift trucks, trains push, and places where cherished goods lifts.

Three Other Factors Associated with Occupational Injuries

Three Other Factors Associated with Occupational Injuries.In addition to working conditions that are not safe there are three other factors that affect or cause the occurrence of occupational accidents. The third factor is the nature of the work itself, work schedule, and the psychological climate in the workplace.
1. The nature of work.
According to the study of the safety experts, the nature of work Affects the accident rate. For example, employees who worked as a crane operator (crane) would have a risk of work accidents than those who worked as a supervisor / supervisor.
2. Work schedule.
Work schedules and fatigue of work also Affects occupational accidents. The level of occupational accidents are usually stable at 6 to 7 hours on Weekdays first. But in the hours after that, the accident rate will be higher employment. This is possible because the employee or labor exceeds the high level of fatigue. Reality on the ground also proved that the risk of night work have more accidents than the working Cleaner in the day.
3. Psychological climate at work.
Psychological climate in the workplace also affect the work accident. Employees or workers who work under pressure of stress or who feel their jobs are threatened or insecure will experience more accidents than those who do not experience stress.
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Unsafe Actions conducted by Labor.

Unsafe Actions conducted by Labor.It is impossible to eliminate accidents simply by reducing unsafe conditions, because Principals are human accidents. The experts have not been able to find a way that really telling measures to eliminate unsafe employees. These actions are:
a. Throwing or remove the material.
b. Operate and work on an unsafe speed, whether it was too fast or too slow.
c. Creating safety and security equipment does not operate by moving, changing settings, or install on again.
d. Not wearing safety equipment or uses it was not safe.
e. Using unsafe procedures when filling, placing, mixing, and combining materials.
f. Be in a position not safe under the charge depends. Raise the elevator in a way that is not true.
g. Confusion, abuse disorders, shock, and other violent acts.
Such actions could cause the company's business or minimize workplace working conditions are not safe to be in vain. Therefore, we must identify the cause of the actions above. The following points can be used as an aid in Identifying the actions above:
a. Employee's personal characteristics.
b. Employees who are prone to accidents (accident prone).
c. Employees eyesight.
d. Age employees
e. Motion perception and skills of employees
f. Employee interests
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After looking at the causes of accidents in the workplace, so in practice, accident prevention work can be done in two basic activities are:

a. Reducing unsafe working conditions.
Reducing the working conditions are not safe to be front-line company or laboratory work in preventing accidents. Responsible for worker safety must be designed in such a way the task to eliminate or reduce physical hazards. Use the risk assessment or inspection checklists and tools to identify potential dangers eliminate.
b. Reduce employee actions that are not safe.
Employee actions that are not safe (or not work according to the procedure) can be reduced with various activities / ways, namely:
1) selection and placement
2) propaganda, campaign, or about work safety
3) training on work procedures and safety of positive reinforcement (positive reinforcement)
4) komitme of top-level managers (top management).

Avoiding Accidents WORK

Avoiding Accidents WORK
To control a process required petunjuktools, control devices, and so that danger can be reduced also required safety equipment. In order to control a process, important variables include the easy to control, temperature, pressure, and concentration. Bookmark danger to other factors, such as any leakage of flammable gases, poisonous gases, or liquids are easy to damage, are still commonly used by human senses. Leakage of flammable gases or dangerous unknown of smell, or can be Monitored by placing the experimental animals such as rats, rabbits, and others.
Process control devices in industries directly related to work safety. With the process control devices, fire, explosion, and toxicity can be reduced to limit the detail. Nevertheless the role of humans as controllers are still needed, especially to monitor the factors that have not discovered the danger control means such as poison gas or other flammable gases that leaked from a reactor.
Safety devices required for potential hazards can be minimized. Safety devices can be divided into two categories, namely security and safety equipment dangerous man who served the instrument. The production process of goods and services could result in critical condition causing disastrous harm major accident with a broad impact and difficult to overcome.
The technical term is 5 K due to an accident, namely:
1. Damage and material losses.
2. Disorganization and chaos.
3. Complaints and sadness.
4. Disorders and Disabilities.
5. Death.
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Definition of Motivation | Motivation Theory Work

Definition of Motivation | Motivation Theory Work
Every organization wants to achieve its objectives. To achieve these objectives, the role of human beings involved is very important. To move the people to fit the desired organization, it must be understood human motivation at work in these organizations, because motivation is what determines the behavior of those working or in other words the behavior is a reflection of the simplest of motivations. For that to human behavior in accordance with the goals of the organization there must be a combination of their motivations and organizational demands.
Motivation comes from the Latin, which means mafere urge or motive power. Motivation is only given to employees who questioned about how to encourage employee morale, so they want to work hard to provide all the capabilities and skills to achieve organizational goals. Basically, the organization is not just expect employees who are able, capable and skilled but they are important to work hard and willing to achieve optimal results. Abilities, skills and skills of employees means nothing to the organization if they do not want to work hard by using the skills, abilities and skills possessed.
Motivation is important because it is expected to motivate each individual employee willing to work hard and enthusiastically to achieve high productivity Hasibuan, (2005).
Person's behavior is influenced and stimulated by the desires, needs, goals and satisfaction. Stimulation arising from the self (internal) and external (External). Stimulation (material and non material) This will create a "motive and motivation" that encourages people working (active) to obtain the needs and satisfaction of work.
Motifs can be interpreted as a move driver force people to behave and act with a certain purpose. Thus, the motive can be interpreted as encouragement to the base of a person to do activities. Motivation is seen from the meaning he said, means providing motive motivation, stockpiling motive, or anything else that causes the urge.
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Motivation Theory

Motivation Theory
According to Hasibuan (2005), theories of motivation are grouped into several things including:
a. Satisfaction Theory (Content Theory)
This theory is based on factors individual needs and satisfaction of that cause to act and behave in certain ways. This theory focuses on the factors that strengthen one's self, guide, support and stop the behavior. This theory explains the question of what needs to satisfy and encourage the spirit of working person.
It is encouraging to work someone is to meet the needs and satisfaction of material and non material obtained from the results of his work. If the needs and satisfaction are met then the spirit of the workings of the better too. So, basically this theory suggests that a person will act (eager to work) to meet the needs of (inner needs) and satisfaction. Higher standards and the needs of the desired satisfaction more active the person is working. High or low level of satisfaction of needs and wants to achieve one's work reflects the spirit of these people.
Content Theory is known among other things:
1. Classical Theory of Motivation by F.W. Taylor
This theory also known as the theory of a single requirement. According to this theory of motivation of workers just to meet the biological needs and satisfaction only. Biological needs is a necessary requirement to maintain the continuity of one's life. Biological needs and satisfaction will be fulfilled if the salary or wages (cash or goods) provided considerable. So if the salary or wages of employees increased the spirit of their work will increase.
2. Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory
The basis of this theory is a requirement that has been satisfied does not become a tool of motivation for the perpetrator, only the unmet needs of a motivational tool. Hierarchy of human needs according to Maslow is quoted by Manullang (2001) is as follows:
1. Physiological needs bodily needs, including clothing, food and sexual gratification.
2. Safety needs-the need for security, including the need for security both soul and need for security of property.
3. Social needs, social needs, including the need for other people feeling accepted, respected, wanted to go and want to participate.
4. Esteem needs-the need for appreciation of the need for self-esteem and good views of others.
5. Self-actualization needs - the need to achieve self-satisfaction of the need to move value and satisfaction gained from work.
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Theory Process (Process Theory)

Theory Process (Process Theory)
The theory is basically trying to answer the question, how to strengthen, direct, maintain and stop the behavior of individuals, so that each individual worked diligently in accordance with the wishes of leadership. This theory is a process of cause and effect of how a worker and what the results will be obtained. If this works well when the results will be obtained for tomorrow. So the result is reflected in how the activities carried out by someone. Because the human ego always wants results right then the driving force that motivates one's work embodied the spirit of hope that will be acquired in the future. This is why this theory called the theory of hope (Expectancy theory). If that hope can become a reality then the person will tend to increase the spirit of his work. But on the other hand, if expectations are not achieved as a result he will become lazy.
Known for his theory of the process:
1. Expectations Theory
This theory states that the force that motivates someone to work hard in doing his job depends on the reciprocal relationship between what is wanted and needed from the job. Expectancy theory is based on the basis of hope (Expectancy), value (valuence) and affinity (instrumentality).
2. Justice Theory
Justice is the driving force that motivates one's morale, so the employer must act fairly towards all subordinates. Assessment and recognition of the behavior of subordinates should be done objectively (good or wrong), not the top like it or not (like or dislike). Compensation or punishment must be based on objective assessment and fair. If the principle of justice can be applied properly by the leadership of then subordinate morale will tend to increase.
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Theory Confirmation |Professional Jobs

Theory Confirmation (reinforcement theory)
This theory is based on cause and effect of the compensation behavior. For example depending on the promotion of achievement is always maintained. Group bonus depends on the level of group production. Dependence of the interlocked nature of the relationship between the behavior of the events that follow that behavior.
This inaugural theory consists of two types, namely:
1. Positive Affirmation of the increasing frequency of behavior, there if the measure applied positive conditionals.
2. Inauguration of the increased frequency of negative Behaviors, occurs when a negative conditional Affirmation eliminated.
So the inaugural always associated with increasing the frequency and response, if followed by a conditional stimulus. Similarly, the principle of punishment (punishment) is always in connection with the reduction in frequency response, if the response (response) was followed by a conditional stimulus.
Based on several theories of motivation that have been mentioned above, the Siagian (1995) developed several motivational factors that need to be satisfied by the leadership to his subordinates. These factors by Siagian (1995) is as follows:
a. Good working conditions
b. Included feelings
c. How to discipline the human
d. Giving awards for good performance of duties
e. Loyalty leadership to employees
f. Promotion and development organization
g. A sympathetic understanding of the problems
h. Security jobs
i. The nature of work tasks attractive
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Health Importance

Health Importance
In line with the times and technological advances, public awareness of the importance of health also improved. Health is the prevention, treatment and routine treatment performed. So that in this era, the public wants in health care include not only treatment but also prevention.
Medical check-ups are now quite popular in the community and are usually done on a regular basis. Benefits other than as a preventive efforts to individuals for health care, as screening for companies in recruiting employees, and insurance companies that provide the requirements of health checkups for individuals who wish to take insurance.
Today many health care institutions that opened the service medical check-ups such as hospitals, clinics. However, for medical services for check-ups, or insurance companies is still quite limited, because it needed special services such as medical check-ups "on site," the examination of the place or location of the company.
To capture the opportunities mentioned above, we offer other forms of cooperation with companies.
a. Providing services for screening health checks for prospective employees.
b. Providing routine health checks for employees and families.
c. Provide health checks for prospective insurance
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Medical Check Up | Home Services

Medical Check Up (MCU) is a chain in an effort to increase optimal health status. Many benefits can be obtained with the MCU in addition to knowing the health condition can also periodically seeded for early detection of disease.
MCU becomes an important requirement in the admissions process for prospective employees and periodic checks of employees, so the quality of good health will work to achieve high productivity.
Home Services
Doctor or paramedic requests depending on the needs and demand for the company / school in terms of number of visits and time / hour visit. Doctor's visit and / or paramedics depending on the company policy / schools to choose whether only the doctor alone or together with the paramedics.
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Health Education

Health Education
Health Education Program form is through education and training will be given each month is adjusted between the doctor / clinic with the condition of a company or school.
Health Education Program for the company is expected to provide an understanding of the conditions of employment and work environment to work, provide insight into the health impact of the work at hand, providing training accidents and illness due to work or Emergency Care Medicine through proper health education of risk factors which will happen if you do not do the job according to the standard.
Health Education Program for schools is to provide information about the importance of health care, the dangers of drugs.
Vaccination & Immunization
This program is given to the employee and the employee and the school students that aims to prevent disease and boost immunity.
As for the types of vaccinations & immunizations that can be served is:
* Vaccination to prevent cervical cancer
* General immunization for children and adults
Company Polyclinic
Corporate clinic program is the basic reference in applying medical principles in a work environment that will run on the company as a whole.
The purpose of this clinic is:
1. Provide assistance to labor in the adjustment both physically and mentally, especially in the adjustment to the job.
2. Protect workers against health problems arising from work or work environment.
3. Improving health agencies, mental and physical condition of employment.
4. Provide treatment, care and rehabilitation for employees who suffer illness.
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Check up Drugs and HIV

Check up Drugs and HIV
Drugs and HIV AIDS are the two issues become important in every element of society. Two issues are no longer looking at the social strata of age and patients. Therefore, examination of the status of drug use and HIV infection needs to be done as early as possible especially in the schools because a large impact for the future of students nation next.
This program aims to find out the status of the employee / student against drug use and HIV infection and AIDS one of the requirements for the selection of candidate acceptance, students and college students.
Special Discount (Visits to the clinic)
This program is giving special discounts to employees, club / union & partners seeking Couples Clinic.
Cooperation programs with companies, especially insurance companies, which is the Clinic Couples Clinic referrals from companies that work together with Couples Clinic.
Nutrition Consultation institution
Nutrition is one of the key areas of public health agenda that includes health promotion and disease prevention. Organization of food groups can be distinguished on the basis of the cooking and serving food, the caterers (catering) and food institutions. Food institutions (institutional food service) is a form of organizing a place to cook food and serving food somewhere. The program is a menu planning consultations in schools or companies in accordance with the needs and education about balanced nutrition.
Team Doctor Special
Did you know that the husband is required to protect
family. Creating peace and ensure the happiness of life
family. But the husband is often busy to make ends meet
family, while his health is not cared for properly. Consequently
declining physical condition with all its impact, one of which is
the occurrence of sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
In Indonesia, the study results showed 1 in 5 men aged 18 years
suffering from sexual dysfunction. This situation is causing him pain and
also for his partner.
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Types Of Adult Vaccines

Types Of Adult Vaccines
These vaccines to prevent diseases caused by hepatitis A virus and attacks the liver. Hepatitis A vaccine given twice in adults, with a range of up to six 12 months.
HEPATITIS B The vaccine is given three times the distance of one to six months for hepatitis B prevention of disease, you will be first checked whether the contract or not. The laboratory should also be conducted to find out whether you already have enough antibodies to fight hepatitis B or not
Abdominal typhoid Aimed at preventing an outbreak of typhoid fever or typhoid fever is usually caused by Germs that spread through food is given every three years.
Measles VACCINE,Mumps, rubella (MMR / Mumps, Measles, Rubella) Given one time for adults born after 1957. While people born before the year is considered to have a natural immunity to MMR. Given to prevent measles, mumps and rubella caused by a virus.
TETANUSTo prevent the development of disease caused by tetanus bacteria in the wound. Tetanus vaccine is given three times for a full dose. The second vaccine is given at least four weeks after the first vaccine. While the third vaccine is given six to 12 months after the second vaccine.
VACCINE varicella Vaccine given to prevent infection varicella or what we call that caused chicken pox virus. Chicken pox in adults can be more dangerous than the kids. The vaccine is given twice the time span of four to eight weeks and is recommended for people aged over 13 years.
Influenza The vaccine is given once each year to adults to prevent the disease striking influenza and respiratory tract caused by viruses. The main targets are people aged over 50 years.
Pneumococcal Preventing pneumococcal disease attributable bacteria streptococcus pneumonia, the vaccine is given to adults. This disease can occur at any age, and can lead to infection in the Lungs, blood, brain & ear. The vaccine is given to people aged 65 years and over a one-time.
Meningitis To prevent meningitis, which is inflammation of the lining the brain caused by bacteria, one is given this vaccine. These include vaccines must be given to prospective pilgrims who will go to the holy land. Need to be repeated every three years.
Rabies Aims to prevent disease spread rabies reply to humans through the bite of an infected animal. The main target of those at greater risk for rabies. For example the frequent contact with animals
YELLOW FEVER The vaccine is given to prevent people from fever. Yellow disease disease is caused by a virus transmitted to humans through mosquito Aedes aegypti This is one of the required vaccines World Health Organization (WHO) for all the people who will visit Africa this vaccine should South. Type repeated every 10 years.
Japanese EncephalitisGiven to adults to prevent disease called Japanese encephalitis virus is transmitted to humans by Culex Mosquitoes which had infected many. Disease found in China, India and Southeast Asia, in particular areas - rural areas such as rice, livestock, and puddles of water. The vaccine is also recommended for people who will travel to the region - the area and stayed for more than 30 days.
CANCER uterusAiming to prevent this cancer of the uterus. Vaccines given in the following way:
The first month, third month and sixth month respectively - each a one-time injection of this vaccine prior to the examination should be done first Papsmear or Papnet. The vaccine is only done once in a lifetime.
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characteristic of a profession

In general there are 3 features approved by many authors as characteristic of a profession.
(1) A profession requires extensive training before entering a profession. This training begins after a person obtained a degree. For example those who have passed the following new graduate professional education as doctors, dentists, Psychologists, Pharmacists, pharmacy, architecture to Indonesia. In many countries, lawyers are required to take professional Examinations before entering the profession.
(2) The training includes a significant intellectual component. Training Masons, Barbers, craftsmen include physical skills. Training accountants, engineers, doctors include intellectual and skill components. Although the training doctors or dentists include physical skills remained the dominant intellectual component. Intellectual components are characteristic of the main charge of professional advise and assistance regarding specific expertise that the average is not known or understood layman. So instead of giving consulting a hallmark of professional items.
(3) Manpower trained to provide essential services to the community. In other words provide a service-oriented profession in the public interest rather than their own interests. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, librarians, engineers, architects provide essential services to society to function; it can not be done by an expert chess-like game. Growing number of Professions and professionals in the 20th century occurred because these traits. To be able to serve the modern society that is technologically complex applications that require specific knowledge greater than the simple people who lived in past Centuries. Production and distribution of energy requires a lot of activity by the engineers. Over money and capital markets require energy accountants, securities analysts, lawyers, business consultants and financial. Short profession provides an important service that requires extensive intellectual training.
In addition to the three conditions following professional features. The third additional feature does not apply to all Professions. The three additional features that include:
(4) The license or certification process. This trait common in many Professions, but not always necessary for professional status. Doctors are required to have a certificate of practice before being allowed to practice. However, licensing or certification does not always make a job into a profession. To drive a motorcycle or a car it must have a license, known by the name of a driver's license. But a license does not mean to make owners of a professional driver. Many Professions do not require a formal license. Lecturer at universities are not required to have a license or certificate, but they are required to have an education requirement, such as at least the title of master's degree or higher. Many accountants is not a Certified Public Accountant and computer scientists do not have a license or certificate.
(5) The existence of the organization. Almost all Professions have an organization that claims to represent its members. There are times when the organization is not always open to members of a profession and there are often competing organizations. Professional organization developed to promote the profession and to improve the welfare of its members. Increased prosperity will mean that members of professional organizations involved in securing the economic interests of its members. Nevertheless such a professional organization is usually different from the guild entirely devoted to the economic interests of its members. Then the audience will not find an organization or garage textile workers who march demanding design safer cars or construction plant design well.
(6) autonomy in his work. Profession has autonomy over the provision of services. In many Professions, a person must have a valid certificate before starting work. Trying to work without a professional or a professional to yourself can lead to failure. When the reader tries to be a doctor for yourself then it will not fully succeed because they could not use and access to medicines and the most useful technologies. Many drugs can only be obtained through a doctor's prescription
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Ethics with etiquette

Ethics with etiquette
Before discussing more about the code of ethics, be helpful to understand the terms associated with ethics in order to avoid misunderstandings. In relation to education librarian, there are courses that provide courses in "Etiquette and personality librarian" in addition to courses in "Ethics of the profession."
Ethics is a part of philosophy. Philosophy is derived from the Arabic word and the word is derived from the Greek word filosofia. The word comes from the word filosofia filo and sofia. Philo means love in the widest sense of wanting to, and because they want it and then try to achieve the desired. Sofia means wisdom, meaning pandit, know the depth. Then the restriction according approach to philosophy is a deep wish to know or love of wisdom.
The definition of philosophy according to the general understanding of science means that investigates the nature of all things to get the truth. Because philosophy has undergone a long development of the various opinions arose about the notion of philosophy that has specificity respectively. The flow in the philosophy of proving the existence of the various opinions of different characteristic with each other. For example glorifies reason rationalism, Materialism, the material glorifies, exalts Idealism idea, pleasure and hedonism Stoicism glorify glorify pious nature.
Ethics and Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy of action in addition to the philosophy of knowledge, philosophy of the whole of reality and history of philosophy.
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Ethics and etiquette

Ethics and etiquetteEthics is a moral, while etiquette is good manners. In Indonesia known as the ethics and etiquette. Between ethics with etiquette is the equation that is:
(a) ethics and etiquette concerning human behavior. The term is used on humans are not about animals because animals do not know the ethics and etiquette.

(b) Both of them regulate human behavior in a normative means giving norms for human behavior and thus the state what to do and what not to do. Precisely because of its normative and the two terms are often confused.

The difference between ethics with etiquette is:(a) the etiquette regarding how to make human actions. Etiquette show how
appropriate means and ways that are expected to be determined in a certain circle. For example in the food, is the parent label takes precedence over rice, if you have not finished washing hands first. In Indonesia have handed something with his right hand. Violated if a breach of etiquette.

Ethics is not limited to how to perform an act, the ethical norms of actions gives itself. Ethics concerns the question of whether an act may be done or not done.

(b) Etiquette applies only to intercourse. If no one else or no eye witnesses, then the label does not apply. For example etiquette on how to eat. Eat, placing feet on the table etiquette Jointly conducted dila violate others. If done yourself then it does not violate etiquette. Ethics is always valid even though no one else. Borrowed items must be returned even if the owners have forgotten.

(c) Etiquette is relative. Which is considered rude in one culture, may be considered rude in other cultures. For example eating with hands, speak after eating. Ethics is much more absolute. Commands like "do not lie", "do not steal" is an ethical principle that can not be bargained.

(d) Etiquette looked only human in terms of ethics while born just saw man in terms of. Fraudster such as soft-spoken, but Deceptive holding etiquette. People can hold the label but instead a Hypocrite who hold the impossible ethical Hypocrite because he's a Hypocrite if he did not act ethically. People who behave ethically people who are really good
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Function ethics

Function ethics
does not directly make better human beings, that the moral Teachings, but ethics is a means to obtain critical orientation faced with a bewildering variety of Morality. Ethics want to show the skills of intellectual skills to argue rationally and Critically.
Ethical orientation is required in a reasonable manner to take in an atmosphere of pluralism. Moral pluralism is needed because:
(a) moral views different because of different ethnic, cultural and religious areas of coexistence;
(b) Modernization brought major changes in the structure and values that society needs to challenge the result of traditional moral view;
(c) the various ideologies offered as a guide of life, each with his own Teachings about how humans should live.

Ethics in general can be divided into general ethical and moral principles of basic and special ethics or applied ethics specifically applicable. This special ethics still be Subdivided into individual ethics and social ethics. Social ethics are divided into:
(1) attitude toward others;
(2) Ethics families
(3) the ethic of the profession such as ethics for librarians, archivist, document, information brokerage
(4) Political Ethics
(5) Environmental Ethics
(6) Criticism of ideology
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MoralityIncludes the moral values and views about the moral norms that exists among a group of people. The moral values are human goodness as a human being. Moral norm is about how humans should live in order to be good as a human being. There is a difference between moral goodness and kindness in general. Moral goodness is a good man as man, while good in general is a good human being seen from one side only, such as a husband or wife, as a librarian.

Related moral Morality. Morality adalan manners, all things related to etiquette or manners. Morality can be derived from traditional sources or traditions, religion or an ideology or a combination of several sources.

1. Ethics and Morality
is not an additional source of Morality but rather a philosophy of moral reflection. Philosophical thinking has five characteristics of rational, critical, fundamental, systematic, and normative. Rational means Basing themselves on the ratio, or reason, the argument is willing to question, without exception. Critical means that philosophy to understand a problem until The Roots, not content with superficial understanding. Systematic means discussing step by step. Investigate how the normative moral views should be.

2. Ethics and religion
can not replace religion. People who believe in finding the basic orientation of his religious life. Religion is the right thing to give a moral orientation. Religions find basic orientation in the religious life. However, it requires religious ethics skills in order to provide orientation, rather than indoctrination. This is due to four reasons as follows:

(1) People expect religion to rational religion. He was not satisfied to hear that God commands something, he also wanted to understand why, but God ordered. Ethics can help explore the Rationality of religion.

(2) Often the moral teaching contained in the revelation to allow different interpretations and even mutually contradictory.

(3) Since the development of science, technology and society, religion moral problem is not directly mentioned in the revelation. For example IVF, human reproduction with the same gene.

(4) The difference between ethics and Morals Teachings. Ethics based on rational arguments solely on the revelation and the religion itself. Because

(5) that religious doctrine is only open to those who confess, while ethics is open to everyone from all religions and world views.
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Professional Sales Job Interviews

Expert Approach on Professional Sales Job Interviews

nullSales is a stressful job, and requires some quick thinking. So there will be times, during an interview for a sales position, that your interviewer will suddenly ask you some questions that are off the beaten path, like what it was like handling a stubborn client or an annoying co-worker or simply give a hypothetical situation where you’re asked to put yourself in a compromising or awkward position. This is done to judge your responses when caught of guard, to know how quick you are on your feet, and the final answer you give will also affect the way you are assessed. So be prepared for these types of questions and don’t panic. Focus on the positive aspects, like what you would do to turn a situation to your advantage and how you would solve a problem.
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Practice Makes Perfect

interviewMany fail the interview because of their overall composure, unable to answer questions they fidget and squirm like catfish on a red hot skillet. Use what you have to eliminate the butterflies in your tummy, be say, standing in front of the mirror at home and trying to anticipate the questions that can be asked. Seasoned job hunters fail to use their past experiences in interviews for sales jobs by not showing their good sides. Personality is one of your best assets in sales and this is often tested by your answering abilities. Practice again and again till you lose your fears and develop confidence in yourself.
You might not get the job but you’ll fell better than a beat up dog, stand tall an thank them for their time. Maybe next time round you’ll get it right. try and try till you exhaust all openings, sometimes it may be necessary to re-apply, but let some time pass before you do for you may end up getting turned away for too much persistence.
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Want to know If You’re Good?

SalesJobsGet it? How do you know if you are a very good sales person? If you get the job, why, well in case you don’t remember your job is to sell stuff and going into an interview you are selling one thing to the interviewers, yourself. Still don’t get it?
The convincing power of a sales person should be very good if they are to be effective in their job. This is one thing most don’t get, the interview is a process of selling goods(yourself) to buyers(interviewer/s) so if one excels in his selling skills this shouldn’t be a problem. Not getting any of this, then you might want to consider a different career where convincing skills are not that much in demand or needed. You need good communication skills and an eye for detail if you are to catch the subtle clues as to the mood of customers so you would know which avenue to pursue. Selling stuff is making people believe they need what you’re selling(sadly sometimes even if they don’t really need it), but that’s life and it’s an honest living for the customer pays for the goods and decides on the purchase on their own!!
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Metro TV Streaming Online

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Pendaftaran CPNS Medan Sumut 2010

Tata Cara Penginputan Form Pendaftaran CPNS:
Tahap I :
Untuk melakukan pendaftaran CPNS secara online, pelamar harus melakukan registrasi terlebih dahulu dengan cara mengklik tombol [Pendaftaran CPNS Online] yang ada di sebelah kiri website seperti pada gambar dengan lingkaran berwarna merah di bawah ini.

Setelah mengklik tombol tersebut, maka akan muncul halaman [Form Pendaftaran CPNS]. Data yang diisi harus baik dan benar. Arahkan cursor mouse anda kearah tanda “?” untuk petunjuk pengisian pada tiap field atau kolom yang terdapat pada Form Pendaftaran CPNS tersebut. Saat pengisian haruslah benar-benar diteliti kembali dan jangan sampai salah pengetikan.

Keterangan Pengisian Data:

1.      Email :
Saat Pengisian Data Email, pastikan diisi dengan alamat e-mail pribadi yang benar dan masih dalam keadaan aktif. Kami tidak melayani perbaikan/revisi alamat e-mail anda. Kesalahan alamat email, menyebabkan anda tidak dapat menerima e-mail konfirmasi aktivasi selanjutnya dari kami. Jadi harus benar-benar diteliti kembali. Contoh pengisian email terdapat pada gambar di bawah ini.

2.      Nama Lengkap :

Isi nama anda dengan lengkap tanpa menggunakan title/gelar anda, nama harus disesuai dengan Ijazah/KTP anda dan jangan mempersingkat nama anda dalam pengisian ini data ini. Seperti contoh pada gambar dibawah ini.
3.      Nomor KTP :

Isi sesuai dengan nomor KTP anda. Jangan sampai salah dalam pengisian nomor KTP anda.

4.      KTP Berlaku s/d :
Isi sesuai dengan tanggal berlakunya KTP anda dengan format penulisan tanggal/bulan/tahun cth: 03/07/2011. Seperti contoh pada gambar dibawah ini.

5.      Alamat :
Tuliskan alamat yang sesuai dengan yang tercantum di KTP anda.

6.      Wilayah :
Pilih Kabupaten dan Kecamatan Anda.

7.      Tempat Lahir :
Isi tempat lahir anda yang disesuaikan dengan KTP anda.

8.      Tanggal Lahir :
Isi tanggal lahir anda yang sesuai dengan KTP anda dimana format penulisan tanggal/bulan/tahun cth: 03/07/1985. Seperti contoh pada gambar dibawah ini. Perhatikan persyaratan usia, peserta yang melebihi batas usia maksimal akan didiskualifikasikan. Jika usia anda melebihi batas usia maksimal, mohon untuk tidak melanjutkan registrasi online CPNS ini.

9.      Jenis Kelamin :
Pilih salah satu yang merupakan jenis kelamin anda yang disesuaikan dengan KTP anda.

10.  Tingkat Pendidikan :
Pilih jenjang pendidikan yang tersedia sesuai dengan Ijasah anda.

11.  Lulusan Luar Negeri :
Pilih pilihan “Ya” jika anda merupakan lulusan dari luar negri.

12.  Nama Perguruan Tinggi :
Pilih Perguruan tinggi anda. Jika tidak tersedia maka pilihlah “Lain-Lain”.

13.  Perguruan Tinggi Lainnya :
Jika anda memilih “Lain-Lain” pada opsi Nama Perguruan Tinggi, maka akan tampil field Perguruan Tinggi Lainnya, dan harap diisi nama perguruan tinggi anda yang disesuaikan dengan Ijasah anda.

14.  Program Studi :
Pilih dengan pilihan jurusan / bidang studi yang tersedia. Bilamana pilihan jurusan / bidang studi yang tersedia tidak sesuai dengan jurusan / bidang studi anda, berarti anda tidak masuk dalam criteria calon pegawai negeri sipil yang dibutuhkan. Mohon tidak meneruskan proses registrasi online CPNS.

15.  Pilih Jabatan :
Pilih jabatan yang ingin anda lamar.

16.  IPK :
Tuliskan Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif  sesuai yang tertera di transkip nilai ijasah anda. Harap tanda koma di tuliskan dengan tanda titik.

17.  Nomor Ijasah :
Isi dan disesuaikan dengan nomor ijasah anda.

18.  Tanggal Ijasah :
Masukkan sesuai dengan tanggal ijasah anda dimana formatnya tanggal/bulan/tahun. Cth: 03/07/2010.

19.  KotaDomisili :
Isikan kota domisili tempat anda tinggal.

20.  Password :
Tuliskanlah 6-10 karakter untuk membuat password anda. Password ini tidak ada hubungannya dengan alamat email anda dan akan digunakan pada saat log-in di situs ini untuk melihat pengumuman seleksi CPNS. Buatlah password yang mudah diingat karena password ini akan digunakan selama program seleksi ini berlangsung. Jadi diharapkan agar anda tidak melupakan password yang anda buat.

21.  Konfirmasi Password :
Masukkan password anda sekali lagi.

22.  Security Code :
Isi dan sesuaikan dengan karakter yang terdapat pada dalam gambar tersebut. Seperti contoh pada gambar dibawah ini.

Selanjutnya klik tombol [Lanjut]. Maka akan muncul Catatan yang diharapkan agar anda baca catatan tersebut. Jika anda setuju dengan catatan tersebut maka centangkan check box yang menyatakan saya setuju. Kemudian klik tombol [Submit] jika anda udah yakin dengan data yang anda isi.

Jika tidak terjadi kesalahan pada pengisian data, maka setelah anda mengklik tombol Submit akan muncul konfirmasi yang menyatakan bahwasannya link aktivasi sudah terkirim ke email anda.

Tahap II :
Langkah selanjutnya adalah melakukan aktivasi. Untuk melakukan aktivasi maka anda harus membuka email anda. Cek pada inbox atau pada spam. Jika ada konfirmasi dari kami, maka buka isi tersebut dan klik pada link [Aktivasi Klik disini]. Seperti pada gambar dibawah ini.

Jika tidak terjadi kesalahan maka akan tampil halaman web dan menampilkan konfirmasi bahwasannya Proses Aktivasi Sukses dan Berhasil.

Tahap III :
Setelah aktivasi berhasil, maka hal selanjutnya adalah Login kedalam website ini. Masukkan email dan password anda pada Menu Login Pelamar. Seperti contoh yang terlihat pada gambar dibawah ini. Setelah diisikan email dan password maka selanjutnya klik tombol [Login].

Jika berhasil maka anda dapat melihat data anda di [View Profile] yang sesuai dengan yang anda isi saat pendaftaran. Cara melihat data anda adalah dengan meng-klik link yang terdapat pada sebelah kiri website. Seperti contoh gambar di bawah ini.

Setelah di klik, maka akan muncul data – data anda yang sesuai dengan data yang anda isi saat pendaftaran CPNS online. Seperti contoh pada gambar di bawah ini.

Kami menegaskan bahwasannya email yang anda gunakan sebaiknya dalam keadaan aktif dan jangan membuat password anda yang di website ini sama dengan password email anda. Kami tidak bertanggung jawab jika terjadi suatu kesalahan.
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Pendaftaran CPNS Medan Sumut 2010

1. Panitia tidak memungut biaya apapun dari peserta;

2. Pemerintah Kota Medan tidak bertanggung jawab atas pungutan atau tawaran dalam bentuk apapun oleh oknum-oknum yang mengatasnamakan Panitia dan Pemerintah Kota Medan;

3. Setiap peserta dan/atau pihak lain yang menggunakan Informasi Elektronik atau Dokumen Elektronik beserta hasil cetakannya merupakan alat bukti hukum yang sah sesuai dengan Amanat Undang-undang RI Nomor 11 Tahun 2008 tentang  Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik.

4. Berpedoman kepada undang-undang informasi dan transaksi elektronik tersebut diatas apabila terdapat ketidaksesuaian/pemalsuan data pada saat pendaftaran/registrasi dengan pemberkasan bagi peserta yang lulus tahapan seleksi ujian akademis maka peserta dimaksud dibatalkan kelulusannya;

5. Pengumuman kelulusan Tahapan Ujian Akademis dapat dilihat melalui website Penerimaan CPNS Kota Medan Tahun 2010 ( dan Mass Media.

6. Peserta Ujian wajib melihat lokasi / Ruang Ujian 1 (satu) hari sebelum pelaksanaan ujian.

7. Kelengkapan yang harus dibawa saat pelaksanaan ujian : KTP/Tanda pengenal lainnya yang memiliki foto diri, Kartu Ujian, pensil 2B, penghapus, rautan, alas untuk menulis.
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Pendaftaran CPNS Medan Sumut 2010

Pelamar yang dinyatakan lulus tahapan seleksi ujian akademis berhak mengikuti seleksi berikutnya berupa Seleksi Pemberkasan, Verifikasi dan Validasi Data untuk Penetapan NIP ke Badan Kepegawaian Negara, dengan persyaratan sebagai berikut :
1. Surat permohonan yang ditujukan kepada Walikota Medan ditulis dengan tinta hitam dan dibubuhi tandatangan diatas materai Rp. 6000 (contoh format surat lamaran terlampir);
2. Fotocopy Ijazah yang telah dilegalisir Pejabat yang berwenang (Surat Keterangan Kelulusan Tidak Berlaku);
3. Daftar Riwayat Hidup sesuai dengan Keputusan Kepala BKN Nomor 11 Tahun 2002 dengan ketentuan:
a. Ditulis dengan tangan, menggunakan huruf balok/kapital, tinta hitam, dibubuhi tandatangan diatas materai Rp. 6000;
b. Ditempel pas foto ukuran 3 x 4 cm disudut kanan atas;
c. Pada kolom pendidikan, nomor ijazah dan tahun lulus tiap-tiap jenjang mulai dari SD harus ditulis secara lengkap.
4. Surat pernyataan sesuai dengan Keputusan Kepala BKN Nomor 11 Tahun 2002 yang berisi tentang:
a. Tidak pernah dihukum penjara atau kurungan berdasarkan keputusan pengadilan yang telah mempunyai kekuatan hukum yang tetap karena melakukan sesuatu tindak pidana kejahatan;
b. Tidak pernah diberhentikan dengan hormat tidak atas permintaan sendiri atau tidak dengan hormat sebagai Pegawai Negeri atau diberhentikan tidak dengan hormat sebagai Pegawai BUMN / BUMD atau Pegawai Swasta;
c. Tidak berkedudukan sebagai Calon Pegawai Negeri atau Pegawai Negeri;
d. Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah Republik Indonesia;
e. Tidak dalam kedudukan sebagai Pengurus / Anggota Parpol;
5. Surat pernyataan tidak akan mengundurkan diri sebagai CPNS dan tidak akan pindah tugas dari Pemerintah Kota Medan sebelum menyelesaikan masa bakti selama 5 (lima) tahun;
6. Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (SKCK) yang dikeluarkan pihak berwajib/ Polri;
7. Surat keterangan sehat jasmani dan rohani dari Rumah Sakit Pemerintah;
8. Surat keterangan tidak mengkonsumsi/menggunakan narkotika, psikotropika, prekursor dan zat adiktif lainnya yang dikeluarkan oleh Rumah Sakit Pemerintah dan ditandatangani oleh Pejabat yang berwenang;
9. Pas foto 3 x 4 cm sebanyak 6 (enam) lembar;
Untuk butir (1) sampai (8) masing-masing rangkap 3 (tiga)
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Pendaftaran CPNS Medan Sumut 2010

1. Pelamar melakukan pendaftaran secara online melalui website
2. Pelamar mengirimkan surat lamaran dan fotokopi ijazah yang telah dilegalisir oleh pejabat yang berwenang ke PO. BOX 9000 dalam amplop tertutup.
3. Pada sudut kiri atas amplop dicantumkan username/email dan kualifikasi jabatan serta kualifikasi pendidikan.
4. Untuk Pencetakan Kartu Ujian serta Informasi Lainnya yang berkenaan dengan Pelaksanaan Ujian dapat dilihat melalui website
5. Panitia hanya menerima pelamaran yang dilakukan secara online pada website sebagaimana tersebut diatas dan tidak melayani pendaftaran langsung.
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Pendaftaran CPNS Medan Sumut 2010 | Online

1. Pengumuman tanggal  : 16 Nopember 2010
2. Pendaftaran / Registrasi Online dari tanggal  : 20 Nopember 2010 s/d 4 Desember 2010
3. Pelaksanaan Seleksi Ujian Akademis tanggal : 15 Desember 2010
4. Pengumuman Hasil Seleksi Ujian Akademis tanggal : 22 Desember 2010
5. Pengumuman lokasi ujian dan Seleksi pemberkasan administrasi untuk Penetapan NIP akan diberitahukan kemudian melalui website
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Pendaftaran CPNS Medan Sumut 2010 | Online

1.      Warga Negara Indonesia;
2.      Usia serendah-rendahnya 18 tahun dan setinggi-tingginya 35 tahun pada tanggal  01 Januari 2011;
3.      Tidak pernah dihukum penjara atau kurungan berdasarkan keputusan pengadilan yang sudah mempunyai kekuatan hukum yang tetap, karena melakukan sesuatu tindak pidana kejahatan;
4.      Tidak pernah diberhentikan dengan hormat tidak atas permintaan sendiri atau tidak dengan hormat sebagai Pegawai Negeri atau diberhentikan tidak dengan hormat sebagai Pegawai BUMN / BUMD atau Pegawai Swasta;
5.      Tidak berkedudukan sebagai Calon Pegawai Negeri atau Pegawai Negeri;
6.      Tidak dalam kedudukan sebagai Pengurus / Anggota Parpol;
7.      Berkelakuan baik, yang dibuktikan dengan Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (SKCK);
8.      Bersedia ditempatkan di seluruh wilayah Republik Indonesia;
9.      Sehat jasmani dan rohani;
10.  Bersedia menunaikan baktinya minimal selama 5 (lima) tahun terhitung sejak diangkat menjadi CPNSD Kota Medan;
11.  Bersedia mengembalikan biaya yang telah dikeluarkan oleh Negara, apabila mengundurkan diri sebelum masa bakti minimalnya berakhir sebesar Rp. 10.000.000,- (sepuluh juta rupiah).
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Pendaftaran CPNS Medan Sumut 2010 | Online

Nama Jabatan
Kualifikasi Pendidikan
Gol. Ruang
Alokasi Formasi


1.  Guru Kelas

2.  Guru Penjaskes

3.  Guru Agama Islam

4.  Guru Agama Kristen Protestan
5.  Guru Agama Kristen Katolik

S.1 PGSD atau
S.1 Penjaskes atau S.1 Pendidikan Olahraga dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pendidikan Agama Islam dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Agama Kristen Protestan
dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Agama Kristen Katolik
dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi

1.  Guru Matematika SMP

2.  Guru Fisika SMP

3.  Guru Biologi SMP

4.  Guru Bhs. Inggris SMP

5.  Guru Bhs. Indonesia SMP

6.  Guru Komputer SMP

S.1 Pend. Matematika atau
S.1 Matematika dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pendidikan Fisika atau
S.1 Fisika dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pendidikan Biologi atau
S.1 Biologi dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Bahasa Inggris atau
S.1 Bahasa Inggris dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Bhs. Indonesia atau
S.1 Bhs Indonesia dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Komputer atau
S.1 Komputer dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi

1.  Guru Matematika SMU
2.  Guru Fisika SMU
3.  Guru Biologi SMU
4.  Guru Kimia SMU
5.  Guru Bahasa Inggris SMU
6.  Guru Bahasa Indonesia SMU

7.  Guru Komputer SMU

S.1 Pend. Matematika atau
S.1 Matematika dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pendidikan Fisika atau
S.1 Fisika dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pendidikan Biologi atau
S.1 Biologi dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pendidikan Kimia atau
S.1 Kimia dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Bahasa Inggris atau
S.1 Bahasa Inggris dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Bhs. Indonesia atau
S.1 Bhs. Indonesia dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi
S.1 Pend. Komputer atau
S.1 Komputer dan A.IV/Sertifikat Profesi

1.   Perawat
2.   Bidan
3.   Asisten Apoteker
4.   Radiografer
5.  Penyuluh Kesehatan Masyarakat
6.  Dokter Umum

DIII Keperawatan
S.1 Keperawatan / Ners
DIII Kebidanan
DIII Analis Farmasi
DIII Radiodiagnostik dan Radioterapi
atau DIII Penata Rontgen
S.1 Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat
Dokter Umum

1.      Penata Laporan Keuangan
2.      Verifikator Keuangan
3.      Penyuluh Pajak Daerah
4.      Penyusun Program dan Evaluasi
5.      Analis Hukum
6.      Penyuluh KB
7.      Pranata Humas
8.      Pranata Komputer
9.      Statistisi
10.  Arsiparis
11.  Penata Ruang
12.  Perencana
13.  Penyuluh Pertanian
14.  Penyuluh Perikanan
15.  Pengendali Dampak Lingkungan
16.  Pemandu Wisata
17.  Perancang Peraturan Perundang-undangan
18.  Auditor
19.  Medik Veteriner
20.  Pengawas Mutu Pakan
S.1 Akuntansi

DIII Keuangan
DIII Akuntansi
DIII Perpajakan

S.1 Manajemen
S.1 Ilmu Administrasi Negara

S.1 Hukum
S.1 Ilmu Komunikasi
S.1 Ilmu Komunikasi
DIII Komputer
S.1 Teknik Informatika
S.1 Statistik
DIII Sekretaris
S.1 Teknik Planologi
S.1 Teknik Planologi
S.1 Pertanian
S.1 Perikanan
S.1 Kimia

DIII Pariwisata
S.2 Hukum (latar belakang S.1 Hukum)
S.1 Hukum
S.2 Hukum (latar belakang S.1 Hukum)
Dokter Hewan
S.1 Peternakan

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Often In Search

Mayoritas Daerah Menunggu Formasi CPNS 2010 Lowongan CPNS Tenaga Medis di Tarakan Tes CPNS Kejaksaan Jambi Lowongan CPNS Kementrian Perhubungan Formasi Tenaga Teknis Paling Banyak Dibutuhkan Perekrutan CPNS Kaltim 2010 BNN dan BKKBN Buka Lowongan CPNS Penerimaan Cpns Dosen UNM Formasi CPNS Dosen dan Teknis di Unhas Penerimaan Cpns Pemprov Sumatera Utara Lowongan CPNS di Kejati Jateng Lowongan Formasi CPNS Pemkab Brebes Penerimaan CPNS Bangka 2010 Penerimaan CPNS USU 2010 Ujian CPNS Bekerjasama dengan PTN dan LSM Lowongan CPNS Provinsi Sumatera Barat (Sumbar) Tahun 2009 Pemkot Pontianak Bagikan Nomor Peserta Test CPNS November 2009 Lowongan CPNS Kementrian Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Perlindungan Anak 2010 Lowongan CPNS di Kabupaten Bandung Banyak Posisi Lowongan CPNS Kementrian Pekerjaan Umum (PU) 2010 cpns kementan 2010 cpns kementan hasil seleksi cpns D3 pertanian kementrian pertanian CPNS 2010 pendidikan kimia pengumuman kelulusan cpns kementrian pertanian pengumuman seleksi cpns kementan pengumuman seleksi cpns kementan 2010 pengumuman seleksi lamaran deptan go id pertanian CPNS Kalteng 2010 CPNS Sulsel 2010 CPNS Bengkulu 2010 CPNS Jawa Tengah 2010 CPNS Kemdiknas 2010 CPNS Kejaksaan 2010 CPNS KEMENKES/DEPKES 2010 CPNS SUMUT 2010 CPNS DKI Jakarta 2010 Formasi CPNS Depag 2010 Lowongan Application Technician di Jakarta Januari Februari 2010 Penerimaan CPNSD Provinsi Jawa Timur Tahun 2009 CPNS Kejaksaan Tahun 2010 Lowongan CPNS Kabupaten Dairi Bulan November Tahun 2009 Pengumuman Hasil Seleksi Administrasi CPNS PPATK 2010 cpns pengadilan 2010 www depkumham go id cpns sumbar 2010 cpns medan 2010 lowongan cpns sumbar 2010 cpns 2010 medan www depkumham go id pengumuman pengumuman seleksi administrasi cpns depkumham 2010 pengumuman hasil seleksi administrasi depkumham 2010 cpns sumsel 2010 pendaftaran cpns kab mojokerto tahun 2010 hasil tes cpns depkumham 2010 kalteng pormasi cpns kab bone lowongan cpns 2010 kabupaten pesisir selatan lowongan administrasi tangerang september 2010 Cpns november sumatera selatan 2010 jadwal pendaftaran cpns sumbar 2010 pengumuman cpnsd kab gunung kidul 2010 pengumuman tes cpns sumbar 2010 penerimaan cpns kodam wirabuana memblokir instal program cara memblok instalasi kenapa warnet lambat loading CRA INSTAL BILING SERVER cara gunakan wp super cache cara koneksi client billing dengan server trik memblokir install sembarangan cara mengatasi index of