MoralityIncludes the moral values and views about the moral norms that exists among a group of people. The moral values are human goodness as a human being. Moral norm is about how humans should live in order to be good as a human being. There is a difference between moral goodness and kindness in general. Moral goodness is a good man as man, while good in general is a good human being seen from one side only, such as a husband or wife, as a librarian.

Related moral Morality. Morality adalan manners, all things related to etiquette or manners. Morality can be derived from traditional sources or traditions, religion or an ideology or a combination of several sources.

1. Ethics and Morality
is not an additional source of Morality but rather a philosophy of moral reflection. Philosophical thinking has five characteristics of rational, critical, fundamental, systematic, and normative. Rational means Basing themselves on the ratio, or reason, the argument is willing to question, without exception. Critical means that philosophy to understand a problem until The Roots, not content with superficial understanding. Systematic means discussing step by step. Investigate how the normative moral views should be.

2. Ethics and religion
can not replace religion. People who believe in finding the basic orientation of his religious life. Religion is the right thing to give a moral orientation. Religions find basic orientation in the religious life. However, it requires religious ethics skills in order to provide orientation, rather than indoctrination. This is due to four reasons as follows:

(1) People expect religion to rational religion. He was not satisfied to hear that God commands something, he also wanted to understand why, but God ordered. Ethics can help explore the Rationality of religion.

(2) Often the moral teaching contained in the revelation to allow different interpretations and even mutually contradictory.

(3) Since the development of science, technology and society, religion moral problem is not directly mentioned in the revelation. For example IVF, human reproduction with the same gene.

(4) The difference between ethics and Morals Teachings. Ethics based on rational arguments solely on the revelation and the religion itself. Because

(5) that religious doctrine is only open to those who confess, while ethics is open to everyone from all religions and world views.


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